Apr 17, 2009

The Japanese Drama

Japanese drama that I watch. I including synopsis and my personally comment about the drama.

The Name of the actor or actress is has been hyperlink to wiki for you whose like to watch the actor before see the drama..

Proposal Daisakusen also known as Operation love

Genre: Romance drama

This story about Iwase ken (Yamashita Tomohisa ) that fell in love to the Yoshida Rei (Nagasawa Masami ) since elementary school but do not have the courage to say it. But Rei decided to marry the practical teacher Tada Tetsuya (Fujiki Naohito ). While Ken and other friend from high - School attend the wedding ceremony, Ken regression with himself has attract the fairy (Fujiki Naohito) that give Ken chance to back in time and win Rei heart.

With that chance Ken go back to his high school until the day before the ceremony. Will Ken win Rei heart or will it still be same.

My Comment: Very good story and one of the dramas you should watch. Great acting from both actor and this really thought me a lesson that we grab our chance when we have the chance. But ending is bit blur, so must watch the sp to get final conclusion

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko also known as The Man Who Can't Get Married / He Who Can't Marry

Genre: Comedy and Romance drama

This story about Kuwano Shinsuke (Abe Hiroshi) , 40 years old architect that enjoy living by himself and doesn't like people but become a successful and able build a wonderful house for his client. He really like kitchen to be large.

He has regular routine that making delicious dinner and relaxing to classical. But it one night he play the music loud and his next neighbor Tamura Michiru (Kuninaka Ryoko) knock and go complain. At that time Kuwano suffer stomach pain and collapses. Michiru is nice to bring to hospital where he is treated by Dr Hayasaka Natsumi (Natsukawa Yui). Kuwano is rude to Natsumi, but she still determined to treat him.

There the story revolves where both Natsumi and Michiru become part of Kuwano life. But will Kuwano find love that can change his attitude. Both Natsumi and Michiru is single will one of them become the lover of Kuwano?

My Comment: This is the drama that I think you must watch because it had great storyline and great acting from Abe Hiroshi .This drama is the best drama in 2006 and also got awards for Best Actor, Director, Supporting Actress, Scriptwriter and special award for the dog (~.~) .

Dragon Zakura

Genre: Comedy and School drama

This story is about Sakuragi Kenji (Abe Hiroshi) a destitute lawyer and a former motorcycle gang member trying to guide a 5 student with average score of 36 into Toudai (Tokyo University) from a nearly bankrupt school. This first time Abe Hiroshi acts as a school teacher. He faces challenges from the student and the school teacher. Kenji teaches his student with different way than normal teacher do like math with card game. Can this student go to the most prestige university in Japan Toudai.

My Comment: Good drama and if you want know how to get in to Toudai you should watch this drama. This drama is also good for student because it teach how to learn exam taking technique and also about the essentials of living one' life. Remind me of school (-_-)

Code Blue

Genre: Medical drama

This story is about Aizawa Kosaku (Yamashita Tomohisa) Flight doctor in training and 3 other flight doctor in training face the medical emergency while "fighting" for spot in the helicopter .There they working under the guidance of experienced flight doctor (Toshiro Yanagiba).Will this men and woman become a real flight doctor.

My comment: Average drama to me .But in this drama you will see a cruel side Yamashita Tomohisa while his grandmother is staying at the hospital. Good drama if you like drama about doctor. (Sorry for short synopsis)


Genre: Comedy and Sports drama

The story is about a group of delinquents that has been ban from playing baseball for 1 year because the fighting in the game. This change when new teacher Kawato Koichi (Sato Ryuta) tries to bring them to play baseball again after meet with Mikoshiba Toru(Koide Keisuke) near the river that want to change school to play baseball again. This is story taken from manga with same title.Can these delinquents change and become a great High school baseball player.

My Comment: Great drama with a lot comedy especially when kuwato chase them to play baseball again. This drama teaches us that no dream is impossible until you try it. Should watch this drama because it good drama trust me. And it has great theme song by greeeen title kiseki.

At Home Dad

Genre: Comedy and Family drama

This story about Kazuyuki Yamamura (Abe Hiroshi) that work as advertiser and a breadwinner for his family with his wife Yamamura Miki(Shinohara Ryoko)and his daughter Yamamura Rie(Ando Sakura) .He then buy a house and proud of himself being a real men.

While his neighbor Sugio Yusuke (Miyasako Hiroyuki) work household husband and his wife Sugio Shoko (Nakajima Tomoko) run his own company and is the breadwinner for this family. Shugio is so called "at home dad". That why Kazuyuki consider Shugio as miserable and helpless as a men

One day Kazuyuki is forced to quit the job while his wife Miki receive job from former employer.As a result Kazuyuki is force to stay at home and do household chore and become a "at home dad" that he think that he never be. Kazuyuki face difficulty to do a household job and received training from Sugio.Will Kazuyuki be able to live life like this.

My Comment: A good drama is you are a fan of Abe Hiroshi like me you will find this drama interesting and lot of comedy when Abe Hiroshi doing household chore. This drama teaches us that it is hard to be a full time housewife so we men must always appreciate our wife. Good drama for husband and soon to marry couples.

Hotaru no Hikari also known as Glow of Fireflies

Genre: Romance and comedy drama

Story about Amemiya Hotaru (Ayase Haruka) a worker for a famous interior design company. On the outside she look a normal women that like to look great all the time but Hotaru´s private life is totally opposite of that she wear jersey (training wear) all the time and lazing .Her house is completely mess and she isn´t interested in anything at all expect toward a new worker Teshima Makoto (Kato Kazuki) that she trying to win his heart.

One day landlord son of the Hotaru`s rented house Takano Seiichi (Fujiki Naohito)come to inspect this house after separated with his wife .Not knowing Hotaru live there he went in and shocked with the mess but not as shocked as Hotaru because Takani is her boss. There the story truly starts with them both live together under the same roof facing the difficulty of Hotaru Lifestyle.

My Comment: This is good drama thank to great acting of Ayase Haruka.This drama has lot comedy especially in the house. This show us that what we see outside it not exactly the same as the inside. But lazing around the house is good (^. ^)

Dream again

Genre: Sports and Human drama

This is story about a pro baseball player Shunsuke Ogi (Takashi Sorimachi) that is forced to retired after received a shoulder injury. He continues to train in hope to play again. After meet his fiancé Ninomiya Satsuki (Kato Ai) to postpone the marriage so that he can play baseball again. On the way back he was hit by lighting that lead to his death. He then meets "angel" that told him that god has made a "mistake" for his death and decided to give him a second chance placing his soul into body of Asahina Takaya a wealthy fund company manager .Can He play baseball and be a Asahina takaya.

My Comment: This is moderate drama. This drama is all about that we must take all the opportunity in our life .This drama also show the "reality of human world" that are if you are weak you are nothing and people always try to take advantage of you.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Genre: School and Human drama

The drama series is based on the manga and anime of the same name. Onizuka Eikichi(Sorimachi Takashi) a third-rate University and a former leader of fearsome motorcycle gang has a "weird" dream for a gangster that are to become a teacher. His dream seam impossible because he can not to government school because the entry exam for the teacher.But his dream seam back to life when he was hired by private school director that seam interested in onizuka policy. But there is condition for that that onizuka must teach 2-C classes the most fearsome class that makes fun of teacher the hard way. There it Begin the onizuka way of teaching the change the student attitude even though he meet the challenge from another teacher except director and teacher Fuyutsuki Azusa (Matsushima Nanako).Will the 2-C classes student change their attitude toward their teacher.

My Comment: One of My All time favorite drama. A very entertaining and interesting drama. To me one of must watch drama. Both hero and heroin eventually married in real life. I hope there are teacher like this to teach me it must be fun (^.^) and I will go to school everyday.


Genre: Lawyer and Human drama

The story revolves a round Kohei Kuryu (Kimura Takuya) a juvenile delinquent and drops out of junior high and goes to become a prosecutor .Kuryu is not your typical prosecutor as he always wears brown jacket and not suit. He also following instructs more than the evidence handed to him always goes searching for clue. He also has cleverness that only someone raised on the street could have.

After Kuryu earning a reputation for doing excellent work, he was transferred to Tokyo. There Maiko Amamiya (Matsu Takako ) is a public prosecutor that has her aim set to become a deputy prosecutor .Amamiya Is assign as Kuryu helper .Kuryu Has a strong sense of justice and this affect Amamiya ways of sees things. Another weird thing about Kuryu is he like to buy everything he saw in TV shop.

My Comment: A good drama and interesting as well. The first drama I see Takuya Kimura acting and immediately become his fan .Does people like this exist in this world that would buy anything he see on TV.

My Boss My Hero

Genre: Comedy and School drama

The drama based on Korea movie with same title but has different twists. 27-year old Sakaki Makio (Nagase Tomoya ) known as Tornado because he destroyed 20 gangster alone. Makio dream to become Boss but his father force Makio to receive high school diploma if he doesn´t graduate the position of Boss will be given to his younger brother Mikio that has the brain but not the physical type.

He agree to that and he pose as 17 –year-old student .Thing get tough for Makio as he must not blown his cover. In the School he met with Sakurakoji Jun (Tegoshi Yuya) and be called "Maki" and also be friend with beautiful girl name Umemura Hikari(Aragaki Yui).As more he spent the time in school the more he learn that school is not just studying or tests. Can Makio graduate from high school and become Boss.

My Comment: One of my favorite drama starring Nagase Tomoya . A Very Good comedy type drama. I watch this drama 3 times .that how much I like this drama. Also like the theme song Sorefune by TOKIO (Nagase tomoya band). WATER………… (IF YOU WATCH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)

Mukodono! also known as Son-in-law / Married Couple Talk / My Husband

Genre: Comedy and Family drama

The Drama about a famous idol Sakuraba yuuichiro(Nagase Tomoya)that look "cool and macho type of men" on camera but actually a happy-go-lucky guy aka idiot. This drama has been remake in 2002 based on original drama 1999.The main story of drama do not change but the plot is different. After fall in love with sakura , Yuuichiro want to marry sakura but his boss only agree only with one condition that the family hide the fact is Yuuichiro marry from anyone….Obviously the are many trouble follow this marriage. Will this marriage and the popularity of yuuichiro stand …?

My comment: My very first drama starring Nagase tomoya and I must admit this is very funny drama especially at home when nagase play idiot type guy. Both of this version original or remake has a great theme song both of this song is sang by Nagase Tomoya using Sakuraba yuuichiro name. Does this type of men really exist in this world that has different personality when in and out of house?


Genre: Detective and Mystery drama

The detective type drama based on a genius physicist and university professor Yukawa Manabu (Fukuyama Masaharu) also known as Tantei Galileo("Detective Galileo") after help his cop friend Kusanagi Shunpei(Kitamura Kazuki) solve a difficult cases.Yukawa is consider a perfect type of men that have look and all-round sportsman but he is eccentric or weird type of men. Utsumi Kaoru (Shibasaki Kou) is rookie cops with a strong sense of justice .She meet with Yukawa after Kusanagi ask her to seek help from Yukawa to solve with a murder cases. From that both of them become partner to solve difficult cases.

My Comment: A very good detective type drama with superb acting from both hero and heroin of this drama. It is truly amusing how physic can be using to solve murder cases. Both of this Hero and heroin form a band for this drama known as KOH+.

Hana yori no dango also known as Boys before Flowers / Boys over Flowers

Genre: Romance

First seasons

The Drama based on popular Japanese manga and anime with same title. Makino Tsukushi (Inoue Mao) is the only poor student at Eitoku Gakuen,the school that only be attend by a rich student.The school is ruled by a group known as F4 Or Flower 4,this group is known for their look and for they family that are ridiculously rich.The leader of the group is Domyoji Tsukasa(Matsumoto Jun), the heir of the Domyoji World Finance Group .The most rich and powerful family of all four family that said to be one that control Japan's economy .The other member are Hanazawa Rui(Oguri Shun), the introverted son of a large company; Nishikado Sojiro(Matsuda Shota), a player who is the heir of a tea ceremony school, and Mimasaka Akira(,Mimasaka Akira) a madam killer with ties to the underground. IF a student gets on the F4´s bad side, he/she will get a red notice and get bullied by other student until he/she driven out of school.

Makino hopes to pass her day at school quietly without drawing any attention to her herself. But one day stand up against Domyoji in defense of her friend. The next day, Makino get a red notice and get bullied by other student. But Makino decides to keep going to school because she is a "tough weed" (the meaning of her name).She then declares war right back on the F4.Her resolve get attention of her crush Hanazawa Rui and also spark a romantic feeling in Domyoji Tsukasa. Which One will Be Makino Lover.

My Comment: A very good romantic comedy type drama. Especially when Domyoji trying all he could do to make Makino love him. This drama also has a connection with Meteor Garden (Taiwan) and Boys over Flowers (Korea) that followed the Hana Yori no Dango manga but all of them have a different twist in it. The heroin of this drama has been award for her brilliant acting. This is the type of drama that shows money could not buy love.

Second seasons

This second season of Hana Yori Dango pick up a year after Domyoji leaves for New York. Makino has not spoken to him for a year .The other F4 the decided to help Makino meet Domyoji again by going to New York for Christmas holidays. There Makino an F4 meet Domyoji again, but he has completely changed to a different person. Because of that Makino and other F4 decide to return to Japan.

After some time Domyoji's mother announces that they will be returning to Japan. There ,they hold a a super rich and giant birthday party for Domyoji and announce that Domyoji will be married soon to a girl name Okawahara Shigeru(Kato Natsuki) the heir of super rich family .At the same time Rui begin to fall in love with Makino...

My Comment: Like the first seasons this also very good drama Among the 3 drama this one is more follow the manga itself.Both first and second seasons have great theme song and both of it sung by Matsumoto Jun group ARASHI.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e also known as For You in Full Blossom

Genre: Romance, Comedy and High school drama

The Drama based on popular Japanese manga with same title. Ashiya Mizuki(Horikita Maki) a Japanese girl that live in U.S begin to idolize young athlete Sano Izumi(Oguri Shun) after watch Izumi compete in the high jump on television. After Izumi goes back from U.S he for somewhat reason stop to jump.Then Mizuki decides to move to Japan and attend same school as Izumi to make him jump again.

But Izumi goes to a famous all-boys school Ohsaka Gakuen .So Mizuki disguisesherself as a boy to achieve her dream to make Izumi jump again. The only people know that secret is the school doctor .Her dream to stay with Izumi achieved when she has been put on the same room as Izumi. Meanwhile Nakatsu Shuichi (Ikuta Toma) a great football payer and also Izumi friend feel that he has feeling for Mizuki .However he did not know that Mizuki is are girl, so he tried all thing to keep himself from fall in love with Mizuki .Will Izumi jump again or will other student know secret about Mizuki.

My Comment: A very good drama and funny as well as all students in Ohsaka Gakuen have different personality and "ability". Have sp for the ending of this drama and also the "lost chapter" and trust me this drama is worth watching one of the best drama in 2007/2008.A drama that you did not want to miss.


Genre: Sports, Romance and Comedy drama

Another drama based on manga with the same title. Kunimi Hiro(Yamada Takayuki)was an ace pitcher in Seinan junior high school that win Kanto regional tournament and was scout by many high school.He then join Senkawa Senior High school that did not have baseball team because he was diagnosed by a doctor as having a "glass elbow" that if he pitch again his elbow will be broken.Because of that he give up baseball and joined soccer team.But he meeting with passion baseball manager Koga Haruka(Ishihara Satomi) reignites his passion for the game.

After series of event he meet his friend/rival clean up batter Tachibana Hideo(Tanaka Koutaro) from Meiwa High School .The meeting of this two is observed by Hideo's girlfriend Amamiya Hikari(Ichikawa Yui) who is also Hiro child hood friend :Meanwhile, Haruka find herself fall in love to Hiro .Can this team reach Koushien and will Hiro fell in love with Haruko.

MY comment: A moderate drama to me because I have read the manga itself so I know the plot of it other than some different twist in it. But if you want a comedy type sport drama this drama is for you.

Densha Otoko also known as Train Man

Genre Romance and Comedy drama

A true love story turned to bestselling novel, created from the Internet BBS, 2channel to blockbuster hit movie. Yamada Tsuyoshi (Ito Atsushi) is yours typically otaku type guy (people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games). Aoyama Saori (Ito Misaki) is beautiful office lady at MNC. One day she gets into trouble with drunkard on a train on the way back home.Yamada that happen to be in the same train save Saori from been teased by drunkard. As a form of appreciation, Saori send Yamada Hermes teacups. Being an otaku and having no experience with opposite sex, Yamada decides to seek from Chatter on the Aladdin Channel on how to interact with Saori using name Densha otaku (Train otaku).

My Comment: A very good for me .This drama also has sp that tell what happen after the final episode. I think make this series very popular is make us know that miracle do happen. This like modem type knight in shinning amour a man save girl and eventually fall in love. But it is true story….


Genre: Family and human drama

First seasons

The drama based on manga with the same title. Enzo Furiya (Sorimachi Takashi) the former geng member but after he found Nanami (Yamauchi Nana) at his doorstep with note that say "this is your daughter "to accommodate he quickly reorganized his life. Although he do not who is Nanami mother is Enzo take care this 5-year-old daughter. Enzo also lives with his four siblings ,whose father are all different the older sister Furiya Shima (Konishi Manami) ,second sister Furiya Hinata (Ichikawa Yui) and two twin Furiya Haiji (Saito Shota) and Furiya Ryunosuke (Saito Keita).

Nanami has a disease called Atopic dermatitis (type allergies problem). So in order to make sure that Nanami does not get sick Enzo control his family diet and environment to healthy and clean as much he could. He so determined to raise Nanami that he do not have time for love. And yet Kaneko Misuzu (Yada Akiko) a health teacher the same school as Enzo that work as art teacher feel herself drawn to Enzo.

My Comment: Another my favorites Takashi Sorimachi drama (I am fan of Sorimachi since GTO) this is basically look like a normal family type drama from the first look but this much more than that trust me. One of few dramas that make me feels sad. You should watch this drama to see how a person changes so much with love toward a person in this case Nanami (kawaiii). (^.^)

Second seasons

The second season picks up a few years after the first season. In an effort to improve Nanami Atopic dermatitis (type allergies problem) Enzo bring Nanami to small seaside town away from urban city area. Meanwhile the oldest sister Shima (Ito Misaki) opens a organic food store, second sister Hinata takes a job as a nurse an the twin Haiji and Ryunosuke set out on their own.

One day, Shima came to visit Enzo. But Enzo feel that something was happen in Tokyo by the way that Shima behavior. So Enzo follow her back to Tokyoto only discover that their house has been put for sale because Shima organic food store has failed and leaving large debts and their house must be so to pay the debt. In order Enzo to help shima pay the debt and also get their house back he start to get all his family member to start live together again..

My Comment: This second season to me is not as great as the first but still good drama. And I also like the first season shima than the second one but it still great drama and end of this drama is more conclusive that the first one…If you like the first season you will like this one.

Bara no nai Hanaya also known as The Flower Shop without Roses

Genre: Romance and Human drama

The drama about Shiomi Eiji (Katori Shingo).He is forced to become a single father when his girlfriend passes away while giving birth to their daughter Shiomi Shizuku (Yagi Yuki).But to Eiji, Shizuka give him joy and happy even though he must work part-time just to raise Shizuka.But after a few years Shizuka begins acting strange, hiding her face by putting kerero type mask over her head when around other people.This behavior begin to give Eiji a headache.

With extra money from his part-time job he opens a flower shop. One day after open his flower shop, Eiji found blind woman Shirato Mio (Takeuchi Yuko) standing by the door to take shelter from the rain. Then Eiji invite the woman inside and Mio want to buy Roses as gratitude to Eiji kindness but the Roses is the only flower that Eiji do not sale. After a few events they become closer and more intimate and Eiji his heart has open after closed since the death of his girlfriend.Will Eiji and Mio become lover and why Eiji do not sale Roses.

My Comment: A moderate drama as I not the fan of sad love type drama. But this one of drama that make me want to watch till the end as the plot is good and make you want to know more...

Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko also known as The Man who Won 320 million Yen in Lotto 6

Genre: Comedy drama

The Drama about Tachibana Satoru (Sorimachi Takashi) an advertising firm employee working under younger boss for a meager salary as his lack of communication (praise) to boss. Tachibana also have a pachinko habit, with no saving and romance since his divorce with Yoshimura Mika (Nakajima Tomoko) he left to wonder what the future hold for him. As last result to pay for his child Yoshimura Kenta (Shibuya Takeru) support he enter the lottery by given Kenta to select the 6 number.

And later he discovers the ticket is the grand winner of 320M yen and turning him into a millionaire is just overnight. The moment he received a confirmation of it a man by name Kakei Hisashi (Toyohara Kosuke) appeared and want to give a tip how to become a wealthy and how to keep being rich.The only men that know about this thing in his workplace are Satake Shuichi (Ishigaki Yuma)and at the same time a woman name Kinoshita Ayano (Ozawa Maju) appeared and is "in love" with Tachibana. Who are this women and men are, and all happen because Tachibana money?

My Comment: I am little disappointed with this one maybe because of Takashi Sorimachi that look like a very tough guy play a quiet and shy type person that really do not go well with his character . Other than that you can really image what going to be happening next except for last 4 episodes which to me is not like I expected….

Little Chef

Genre: Food and Comedy drama

The drama about Kamosawa Seri (Yada Akiko) a talented female chef from countryside the daughter of famous chef and is trained by former Etoire head chef Tachibana Kenzo (Kazama Morio) that has lost his sense of taste. Then Kenzo ask Seri to go to Tokyo and help his little brother Tachibana Kensaku (Abe Hiroshi) and work at French restaurant Etoire.

Seri arrive in Tokyo with her sister Kamosawa Nazuna (Ueto Aya) only to discover that Etoire have gone out of business and they meet Kensaku that give them stay for one night at his home.Seri cook dinner for Kensaku as gratitude and Kensaku is really impreased by Seri food and decided that they open a new French restaurant name Petite Etoire.But the first day of tasting using famous people in food industry ended badly as the taste is "home type" and the reporter Suma Kinuko (Kyokuyama Eri) post the report that make the restaurant as "home type restaurant".Then Kensaku noticed that can only make the delicious food if he know who she going to cook for. Will this restaurant will be able to continue or will be bankrupt.

My Comment: Moderate drama to me. The first episode is very boring for me because it really does not tell much of the real story. The story really starts in second episode when the open Petite Etoire (france name).It is fun to watch cooking type drama as the food very delicious and tasty…YUMMY. Are this type of restaurant exist that chef have to talk to you to make the food…

Yan Papa also known as Young papa

Genre: Family drama

The story that revolves around Mabuchi Yuusaku (Nagase Tomoya) a young manga apprentice under the famous mangaka Kazami Yui (Fujitani Miwako). Yuusaku fell in love with Yui and they decided to get marry. But there is been disapproved by Yui three children from her previous marriage. The older sister Kazami Kaoruko (Goto Maki), second Sister Kazami Sakurako (Ishida Miku) and little bother Kazami Junnosuke (Tomashino Kazuma).Because Yuusaku is lot younger than Yui and in fact they also disliked their mother that always busy at work.

Yuusaku and Yui decided that they will get marry even with children disapproved.The mornig before the wedding Yui change the beneficiary in her life insurance policy to Yuusaku .Then ,on the way to the wedding Yui is killed in the accident.Shock by it Yuusaku was be said that the cause of the death of Yui by the children. And yet Yuusaku hold his promise to Yui to take care her children. Will Yuusaku and Yui children can get along at the same time Yuusaku friend Kobayashi Risa (Kato Ai) realized that she has feeling for Yuusaku.

My Comment: To me this family does not as good as Hotman but still good maybe because I am fan of Nagase Tomoya. But if you are fan or family type drama or Nagase you will like this drama .If you looking for love drama this definitely not it…

Kurosagi also known as The Black Swindler

Genre: Action, Crime investigation and Romance drama

The story revolves around Kurosaki (Yamashita Tomohisa) a young man that become con artist or swindler known as Kusrosagi. Kurosaki become con artist as the way of revenge because his family was destroyed by swindler. Kurosaki work with master swindler Katsuragi Toshio (Yamazaki Tsutomu) even though Toshio one of the men that cause the destruction of Kurosaki `s family.

But Kurosaki only swindles other con artist and return the money back to the original victim thus get name as Kurosagi. Kurosaki life begin to change when he meet as Yoshikawa Tsurara (Horikita Maki), a law student that disapproves Kurosaki action because it is disrespect of the law. And she also Kurosaki new neighbor.Can Tsurara make Kurosaki quit swindling and will Kurosaki find the man responsible to the destruction of his family…

My Comment:I think this is the first yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) drama .A average drama. But it is fun to watch swindler swindle other swindler ….But other than that average drama but like the heroin in this drama… (^.^)

Hito ni Yasashiku also known as Basically Nice / Be Nice to People / 3 Peace

Genre: Family and Comedy Drama

The story of 3 men Maeda Zen (Katori Shingo), Yamada Taro (Matsuoka Mitsuru) and Otsubo Ken (Kato Koji) that live together in a house known as "Peace". They once know as toughest men in Harajuku Middle School even though they not the same age they still have fun together with they motto "Cheerful, fun and funky life". But they life actually is closer to poverty than you imagine.

One day Zen found an envelope contain 1M yen. Shocked by that amount of that money they decided to return to it owner .But before that they want to feel life of wealthy men but they must not use the money. But all of them did use they money.

Suddenly one day, they found First grader, Igarashi Akira (Suga Kenta) on their doorstep and found a letter from his mother that read "please take care of him for a little while."But when Ken try to make Akira goes away they found that the money that they used was originally for Akira .With that they decided that they will take care Akira for the money that they use until he see his mom again..

My Comment: Another moderate family drama not as good as Hotman but this has more comedy than Hotman .It fun to watch but don´t expects this to be heart-warming family drama. Because this is more like comedy type family drama with sad theme nearing the end of this drama …

Over time

Genre: Romance Drama

Story about two people Kaede Soichiro (Sorimachi Takashi) and Kasahara Natsuki (Esumi Makiko).They both meet while Natsuki and her friend is taking vacation in Hokkaido and Soichiro help his junior take picture of firework. Naksuki somehow ended wearing only underclothes in the hotel corridor and Soichiro that only wearing bathrobe offer to help but both of them somehow ended with no key to the room. Then Soichiro gave Naksuki his bathrobe and ran to the lobby with only a short pant.

Soichiro that works as a photographer was send back to Tokyo because he cover a girl Tsurumachi Fuyumi (Ishida Yuriko) leg that was badly injured that make the other photographer cannot the girl picture that is unprofessional in photographer industry. While Naksuki that live two of his friend Kurata Nazuna (Kimura Yoshino) and Kaede Haruko (Nishida Naomi) goes to arrange date…

At arrange date Soichiro and Naksuki meet again and after some event they become friend. But Soichiro is actually is younger brother of one of her friend Haruko and they end up living under the same roof. Three women, all unmarried, and all nearing age 30, plus 25-year-old Soichirou live together. What will happen to both of them, can they become "only" friend…

My Comment: This is drama don´t really suit my taste but as fan of Sorimachi Takashi and I would say that this is not a great drama but fun to watch. This is few of drama that has a high average viewers per episode about 20% in Japan.

Tiger and Dragon

Genre: Comedy drama

The drama revolves around Rakugo, a traditional form of Japanese comedy that has 400 year long history. Yamazaki Kotora (Nagase Tomoya) is Yakuza that goes to Yanaka Shokichi (Nishida Toshiyuki) to collect the debt. Shokichi is Rakugo performer and master in Rakugo industry. While Yanaka Ryuji (Okada Junichi) a very talented Rakugo performer want to leave this "old fashioned world of Rakugo".

Kotora on the other hand is forced to become Rakugo performer. While Ryuji become a owner of cloth shop with his main trademark is Tiger and Dragon picture.Both of them cross paths though a tour guide Megumi (Ito Misaki) and the all trouble start to happen between them…

My comment: Another I watch because of to the end because of the actor more than the drama itself. Below than average moderate drama to me. But the things that make this drama interesting to me is the story of Rakugo or old funny stories in japans' sociality…

Double Score

Genre: Police drama

The story about two people Tachibana Shinnosuke (Sorimachi Takashi) a cop with highest arrest record but still did not get promoted because the amount file report on him and also he always make mistake is big time operation. His arrest record is only for small type crime.

While Etsuro Kawamura (Oshio Manabu) is a rookie cop that still in training for 3 moths and also type of cop that does everything by the book. Even with that he holds higher position than Shinnosuke even while him still in traning.

For unknown reason Kawamura chose Shinnosuke to his partner while he train in 3 moth. Shinnosuke is forced to this after he makes cop operation to catch a entire gang failed or he will be fired if he refuse it. Can this two people with complete different personality become parter?

MY Comment: I like this drama because it likes American type of cop drama or movie. And also because I am fan of Sorimachi Takashi.But this comedy type police good because I really don like intense drama. Fan of Sorimachi Takashi have to watch this…

Handoku Also known as Half Doctor

Genre: Medical drama

The drama about Hazama Ichiban (Nagase Tomoya) a former member that somehow great a very good result in university and become a "half doctor" or practical doctor in SMH a very high-tech and famous Hospital. Join in with Ichiban as practical doctor is Kojima Michiko (Uchiyama Rina), Kisaragi Megumi (Manaka Hitomi) and Takano Makoto (Sasaki Kuranosuke).

In SMH there consider master in heart department and also chairman in the hospital Shindo Kazushi(Sawamura Ikki) and don´t like people like Ichiban and also consider himself as god. Ichiban that grow in the street use his street smart style to change emergency medical system.

My Comment: One of the few doctor type dramas I watch so far. But this one of my favorites doctor drama because this not that intense medical drama. It more likes comedy type medical drama. Maybe because I am a fan of Nagase Tomoya .This drama is all about heart operation.


Genre: Sports and Human drama

Story about Satonaka Halu (Kimura Takuya) and Murase Aki (Takeuchi Yuko).Halu is captain and star player ice hockey team Blue scorpion and greatly respected by his teammates. While Aki is a typical OL (office lady).Aki has a boyfriend that study architecture in oversea. But his boyfriend did contact Aki or show any sign of coming back.

Aki friend determined to find Aki new boyfriend, they invite Aki to watch an ice hockey game. There Aki sees Halu for the first time. After Blue Scorpion win the game Aki and his friend join the player for celebrating party. Aki however not excited in that party and decided to leave. When she leaves the party, she bump into Halu that has slightly injured from the game .They decided to exchange e-mail addresses.

Then Aki and Halu meet again after Halu help his friend in home transfer. Their mutual attractions are ignited with help of both their friend…Will Aki and Halu become lover and what will happen if Aki boyfriend came back to Japan...

My Comment: Not really type of drama I really like. It is moderate drama for me. But this one this really romance type drama that most girl like..


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